I was invited to a Thursday lunch for mommy bloggers last month, and I was happy to make it. First of all, I think it’s thrilling to be invited to an occasion that is specific and appropriate to my new category in life; I just love being a mom! And of course, I am definitely curious about anything that touches on health and home and everyday life.

The Platter

The event was called “Health in a Platter” because it is a collaboration between proponents of healthy eating and Melawares —the classic brand of melamine tableware.


Like these moms, I also won this beverage dispenser from Urban Kitchen- a sister brand of Melawares!

To be honest, I haven’t heard of melamine tableware before, but when I received a set from their Vintage Collection, I immediately understood its value and charm.

 Simply, melamine tableware is plastic tableware, which wives and moms will be happy to have in their homes. Surely, plastic has less weight and chances for breaking than glass or ceramic china. This means: easier time to wash and worry-free cleaning after meals. Moreover, less worries when feeding overactive children and even more fun when using their latest Disney collection, too!


I actually got the CARS and FROZEN editions!

The Health

But for moms, concerns don’t stop at the kind of tableware that we possess. Actually, more than the dishes to wash, I am one more thoughtful about the dishes we serve.

I am not much of a healthy eater, but I know it is beneficial to be one and that I’d have to start shifting towards that route soon. That’s because my son is already 5 months old and I’ve got less than a month before we begin feeding him solid food.

But the kind of healthy eating I’d be sharing with you today, really doesn’t tread on the more popular and generic way of changing one’s diet. To begin with, we’d have to question: what is healthy food anyway?

Especially when we think about this saying: “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

With the help of Global Medical Technologies and LifeScience Center, the concept of “food intolerance” has now reached Manila. Food intolerance is actually- to the best of my layman-understanding, allow me to explain this -the root of allergy-manifestations that differ from the most common one that we know of, like skin inflammation or rash.

They say that food intolerance may produce a variety of symptoms including: anxiety (acute or chronic), arthritis, asthma, bed wetting, bloating, depression, diarrhea, headaches, insomnia, migraines, water retention, and so much more. Going through that list, I agree with LifeScience aim to help as many as they could in identifying and curing the problem because although “food intolerance is not usually life-threatening, it can make the sufferer feel extremely unwell.”

Although I cannot really think of my own strange reactions that matches those on their list, a friend of mine was quick to tell me that she gets unusually dizzy everyone she eats an apple! Isn’t that bizarre??? I’ve also heard of stories where a person’s rhinitis is caused by his sensitivity to a certain type of food, and has been cured of it since his change of diet.


With my mommy team mates for the group game! We were asked “shop in their grocery” and place them into these bags according to the categories: healthy and unhealthy. We also were asked to set the items on Melaware plates!

In the said event I was also able to win a free Food Intolerance Test- which is the way by which anyone can identify sensitivities to food that is unique to each individual. (This is also called a food print, since this is unique to you. Love how witty it sounds: food print!) I am actually giving this slot to my husband instead, since he has rhinitis and I strongly suspect it may be caused by some food he isn’t able to tolerate very well. (Still thinking if i should get one for myself, since the test is a bit pricey. It is PHP8500 to test for food allergy. And to be completely, completely honest, I also don’t know what I’d do if I see that I’m allergic to food I love the most like milk and cheese, hahaha! 🙂 Okay, to be fair, the y did say that if I really can’t stay away from the food I am allergic to, I can just minimize but not eliminate completely.)

Anyway, if my mommy readers are also wondering how old, at the very least, must one be to test for food intolerance, the answer is: at least 1 year old. So for now, Philip will have to wait, but I definitely want to find out soon as he turns one. (I think it’s smart to know a child’s food intolerance profile asap as it saves him from making unhealthy eating habits unique to himself.)

I do hope that I was able to share something new with you all today and if you want to learn more about food intolerance, do click www.gmtmanila.com and www.lifescience.ph.

Have a nice weekend!

Source :A Plate of Full Health
Author: Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio