I was invited to a Thursday lunch for mommy bloggers last month, and I was happy to make it. First of all, I think it’s thrilling to be invited to an occasion that is specific and appropriate to my new category in life; I just love being a mom! And of course, I am definitely curious about anything that touches on health and home and everyday life.

The Platter

The event was called “Health in a Platter” because it is a collaboration between proponents of healthy eating and Melawares —the classic brand of melamine tableware.


Like these moms, I also won this beverage dispenser from Urban Kitchen- a sister brand of Melawares!

To be honest, I haven’t heard of melamine tableware before, but when I received a set from their Vintage Collection, I immediately understood its value and charm.


Simply, melamine tableware is plastic tableware, which wives and moms will be happy to have in their homes. Surely, plastic has less weight and chances for breaking than glass or ceramic china. This means: easier time to wash and worry-free cleaning after meals. Moreover, less worries when feeding overactive children and even more fun when using their latest Disney collection, too!

Source :A Plate of Full Health