Our Nutrition Initiative


AskND.ph is an online community that brings together experts and professionals in health and nutrition to give Filipinos access to correct, valuable, and up-to-date information and advice on nutrition and dietetics, and provide the most apt and precise solutions to health and nutrition concerns.

The platform, spearheaded by Global Medical Technologies and LifeScience, is positioned to become the go-to expert for nutrition issues. For individuals, AskND.ph allows them to consult and work with nutritionists and dietitians in creating their personalized nutrition program. For professionals, AskND.ph allows them to access information, studies, partners and tools to better equip them in guiding their patients’ nutrition.

AskND.ph hopes to bridge nutrition gaps by connecting stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals, food suppliers and producers, and allow them to work together in helping patients achieve optimum health.

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