A food intolerance, or a food sensitivity occurs when a person has difficulty digesting a particular food. This can lead to symptoms such as intestinal gas, abdominal pain or diarrhea.

A food intolerance is sometimes confused with or mislabeled as a food allergy. Food intolerances involve the digestive system. Food allergies involve the immune system. With a food allergy, even a microscopic amount of the food has the potential to lead to a serious or life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis.

According to Dr. Ben Valdecañes of LifeScience, The gut, the first tissue of contact, becomes inflamed and loses the ability to distinguish between nutrients and toxins, thus leading to mal-absorption. Short term, symptoms of indigestion manifest as bloatedness, hyperactive bowel sounds, flatulence, acid reflux, and sometimes diarrhea. Long term effects are manifested more commonly by systemic malnutrition, such as frequent illness with propensity for bacterial and viral infections, chronic fatigue, inappropriate weight gain (increase in weight with minimal food intake or difficulty in losing weight despite best guided efforts), skin and hair deterioration, and bowel movement inconsistencies.

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Tom and I have done the Food Intolerance Test (FIT) and we can honestly say that it has made us healthier. Tom used to suffer constant abdominal pains since he was a kid and after finding out the food his body is intolerant to (not allergic), the pain immediately went away. I also used to feel bloated whenever I ate certain types of food and found out that I was I was intolerant to them.

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Source :LifeScience’s Food Intolerance Test in 40 Minutes!