A Plate of Full Health

I was invited to a Thursday lunch for mommy bloggers last month, and I was happy to make it. First of all, I think it’s thrilling to be invited to an occasion that is specific and appropriate to my new category in life; I just love being a mom! And of course, I am...

5 Things I learned from my Food Intolerance Test (FIT)

There will always be some foods that when I consume triggers my acid re-flux, or makes me feel bloated or uncomfortable. There was a time I completely stopped drinking coffee because I thought it’s a causing some kind of allergic reaction to my body. I was never sure,...

Food Intolerance Test : Should you take one?

I’m often asked when and where I discovered my passion for food and healthy eating. I’ve never specifically written about it, but it actually began a few years ago when I was dealing with bloating, stomach pains, hormonal issues, as well as skin and digestive...

Define Your Allergies Before They Define You

Allergies manifest themselves in many ways and in varying degrees. Beyond the inconvenience of rashes and sneezes, some allergy manifestations can be as bad as swollen lips, shortness of breath, vomiting, or at its worst, it can cause a medical emergency like an...

You can outsmart the Big C with Genov8

  If cancer runs in your family, it often feels like there’s a ticking time bomb inside you that is counting down before you too would get the dreaded diagnosis of the Big C. You know, or know of, people who are in the midst of their battle with cancer, and you...

Bean There, Done That

Blood brother: The author gives a blood sample for a Food Intolerance Test at the LifeScience Clinic. I was poked in a pink part. But it was for my own good. You see, my three female readers, as I grew deeper in my ashtanga yoga practice, I decided to become an...

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