A Plate of Full Health

I was invited to a Thursday lunch for mommy bloggers last month, and I was happy to make it. First of all, I think it’s thrilling to be invited to an occasion that is specific and appropriate to my new category in life; I just love being a mom! And of course, I am...

5 Things I learned from my Food Intolerance Test (FIT)

There will always be some foods that when I consume triggers my acid re-flux, or makes me feel bloated or uncomfortable. There was a time I completely stopped drinking coffee because I thought it’s a causing some kind of allergic reaction to my body. I was never sure,...

Food Intolerance Test : Should you take one?

I’m often asked when and where I discovered my passion for food and healthy eating. I’ve never specifically written about it, but it actually began a few years ago when I was dealing with bloating, stomach pains, hormonal issues, as well as skin and digestive...

Bean There, Done That

Blood brother: The author gives a blood sample for a Food Intolerance Test at the LifeScience Clinic. I was poked in a pink part. But it was for my own good. You see, my three female readers, as I grew deeper in my ashtanga yoga practice, I decided to become an...

Food of the Damned

LifeScience doctor lists all the delicious foods that author RJ Ledesma will never be allowed to eat or even look at again. I didn’t realize that flatulence was hazardous to my own health along with the people within a 10-foot radius of me. After a recent blood test,...

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