Turning 40 has helped me realize quite a few things.

My body has not forgotten the damage that I did to it while I was 16 years old.

My metabolism has slowed.

Some of my body parts have shifted from where they used to be.

My skin is showing signs of aging.


Something in my digestive system has shifted because my favorite foods don’t like me as much as I like them, anymore.

GMT FIT Food Intolerance Test

Starting the year off right by taking this food intolerance test. With the help of Hi Precision Diagnostics, I will be able to steer clear of foods that are not good for me. #healthy

For those of you just tuning in: I’m half Filipina and half Italian American. This means that I grew up eating lots of pasta, bread, and cheese. These are my comfort foods and most of the time, I prefer them over the readily available Filipino food that yaya can prepare even if I don’t feel like cooking.

I can have a dinner that consists of a caprese salad with some crusty Italian bread and some good olive oil to dip on a warm summer night. I can feast on zucchini tomatoes and eggs as a light meal, again, with warm crusty toasted buttery bread. I can eat pasta up to four times a week and feel really good about it…or rather, not so much anymore…

GMT Food Intolerance Test FIT

#Cheese board for Nino’s simple birthday dinner. It has become a habit for us to sometimes crave simple celebrations. Celebration tonight will start with this, some red wine, a big pot of meatballs and penne, the kids, and a movie at home on the sofa. Happy Birthday @ninoavent. I love you more each day.

But what I have noticed is that I feel really bad after eating these foods. I get a headache, I feel bloated, and it’s like there is a switch that is suddenly turned off and I have to lay down because my body is working over time to digest and I need to sleep. (Ever heard of carb coma?)

I noticed all of these symptoms after I spoke with Melissa and Vanessa during the Crate & Barrel opening where my friend Tin introduced me to them. When Melissa and I got to chatting, she shared how she would constantly suffer from migraines. After her Food Intolerance Test results proved that she was intolerant to milk, she tried a test on her own to see if she drank milk how it would affect her. Sure enough, she had a migraine shortly after drinking a big tall glass of milk. Can you imagine how intrigued I was when Melissa shared this story? I wanted to learn more about the test!

Source :My Food Intolerance Test