Ever since I put my game face on to be fit & healthy, I’ve been more cautious with my body. No, not in the sense of how it physically looks, (although, having toned arms & abs would be great!) more like knowing what works with it. One of the things I’ve been addicted to early on, even before I was married is wheat. In any chance, I would prefer wheat over regular white bread and would have the notion that it’s a healthier alternative so it’s probably good for my body. It wasn’t until a few months ago when I realized my body doesn’t like wheat as much as I thought it would. It’s gives me a bloated feeling, so much so that during the time I consume it, I feel sluggish and heavy on my lower abdominal.

It wasn’t until Hi-Presicision Diagnostics invited me to try their latest service- Food Intolerance Test that I really wanted to know more about what it is that’s causing my immune system to react violently to what I eat. Because I’m the type of person who would eat anything because I feel that life is too darn short to deprive yourself from the food you want. Di ba? Unless you have food allergies, then that’s a whole different thing.

So over the holidays, I went to Hi-Precision Diagnostics in Powerplant Mall for my Food Intolerance Test.


A little 411 on Hi-Precision Diagnostics. HPD was formed with the mission to provide the highest quality laboratory services by fulfilling customers’ expectations with integrity, innovation, quality, accountability and leadership. With 18 years of quality healthcare, HPD has the largest network of medical diagnostic facilities in the Philippines, with over 20 branches located in Mega Manila, and Metro Cebu, and employs over 1,000 medical professionals and staffs.


If you can’t go to a Hi-Precision Diagnostics clinic don’t fret. They offer conveniece and comfort through their Home Service and Mobile On-site Services both for individuals and organisations such as hospitals, schools, government agencies, insurance companies and corporations from different industries.



Blood extraction was swift and painless. The scaredy cat me didn’t feel any prick and I was in and out of HPD Powerplant in under 20 minutes. Galing!


Usually, it only takes ten days to get your FIT (Food Intolerance Test) result but since I had it done over the holidays, I waited more than a few more days to get my result.

Source :Take A FIT (Food Intolerance Test) To Be Healthy